An older poem I still sort of like in spite of myself

I steal electricity for reasons unknown to me.
                        We are thieves born out of mystery.

The jury wouldn’t look at me when they verdictread guilty on counts one through three.
I wanted to flail my arms crazy;
I wanted to window look out & see the sky being pulled into the sea
pull my pants to my knees. Anything, anything! To take advantage
of this last moment of being free. I guess liberty
is one of man’s many shoddy attempts at approximating eternity
& here! – they are taking it away from me. Deputy puts the handcuffs
on my wrists. Goodbye-
huddle together, you guys can cry.
They will not see tears roll down my face, fuck
them; they will not see the first cracks –
those beginnings which seem to mark the destruction of being, I smirk & know that
the stubborn skin-crusted spirit refuses to evaporate in the warehouse of Time. These men
won’t ever see me truly die. Judge just watches as I’m taking
to jail to wait & sleep & remember everyone
will continue to eat food, laugh, listen to music
while time oozes by- I thought the world
Needed me-O! lovely me
to survive. The days will pile one upon the other, please think
of me living w/ men their dreams dead,  they sleep w/ violence
as it’s lost in the cubbyhole of space that holds their beds. It’s true
I will be upon the same earth as you, but
your land will be covered in mysteries & colors!
My piece of ground, my food & all that is my day will be some asshole’s blueprinted projection of all
that is grey.